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10 Best Selling Graphic Novels At The Gauntlet

1) Wolverine: Old Man Logan


MARK MILLAR and STEVE MCNIVEN--who last teamed for the monumental CIVIL WAR--bring us the most important WOLVERINE story of the 21st century. Nobody knows what happened on the night the heroes fell. All we know is that they disappeared and evil triumphed and the bad guys have been calling the shots ever since. What happened to Wolverine is the biggest mystery of all. For 50 years, no one has heard hide nor hair from him...and in his place stands anold man called Logan. A man concerned only about his family. A man pushed to the brink by the HULK GANG. Aman forced tohelp an old friend--the blind archer, HAWKEYE--drive three thousand miles to secure his family`s safety. Get ready for the ride of your life, Logan.

2) Marvel Civil War


The landscape of the Marvel Universe is changing, and it`s time to choose: Whose side are you on? A conflict has been brewing from more than a year, threatening to pit friend against friend, brother against brother - and all it will take is a single misstep to cost thousands their lives and ignite the fuse! As the war claims its first victims, no one is safe as teams, friendships and families begin to fall apart. The crossover that rewrites the rules, Civil War stars Spider-Man, the New Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and the entirety of the Marvel pantheon! Collects Civil War #1-7 and Marvel Spotlight: Civil War.

3) Kick Ass


Have you ever wanted to be a super hero? Dreamed of donning a mask and just heading outside to some kick-ass? Well, this is the book for you - the comic that starts where other super-hero books draw the line. Kick-Ass is realistic super heroes taken to the next level. Miss out and you`re an idiot! Wolverine: Enemy of the State`s team of Mark Millar (Civil War) and John Romita Jr. (World War Hulk) reunite for the best new book of the 21st century. This title collects Kick-Ass numbered 1-8.

4) Blackest Night


Death in superhero comics is notoriously impermanent—characters ranging from world-beaters like Superman to minor bit-players are killed off only to be resurrected later—but never more so than in this miniseries, in which dozens of fallen heroes and villains, including Aquaman, the Martian Manhunter, and Elongated Man, are reanimated as evil, zombielike forces under the command of Nekron, the embodiment of death, who wants to kill all living entities. As always, it’s up to the stalwart superheroes—most notably the original Flash and Green Lantern, both recently returned from the grave themselves—to set things right. Like all such companywide crossover events, the story line was integrated into nearly all of DC’s many titles, but the major events occur in the nine issues collected here. Even so, the absence of the supplemental stories makes Johns’ thorny narrative even more abstruse, especially for casual readers. Reis’ art perfectly matches the script: ostentatiously flashy at the expense of coherence. But for die-hard fans, Blackest Night, which sets in motion monumental changes that will be felt throughout the DC Universe, is a must-read.

5) Walking Dead Hard Cover Volume 1


"The Walking Dead" is (as the name somewhat implies) one of those zombie comics that have become so popular as of late. I`ve read a few of them, and I must say, this one is the best. The opening is actually startlingly similar to the film "28 Days Later" as our hero, a small-town cop, wakes up from a coma to find that the world has been overrun by zombies and everything he knew and loved is missing or outright destroyed. That similar starting point aside, after that thestory takes on a really unique flavor for a zombie story. It`s not so much about the zombies themselves, but about our hero, the ragtag group of survivors he joins, and how they try to rebuild after the cataclysm.

This hardcover features the first 12 issues of the hit series along with the covers for the issues in one oversized hardcover volume. Perfect for long time fans, new readers and anyone needing a slightly heavy object with which to fend off the walking dead.

6) Y: The Last Man Deluxe Vol 1


Plague? Black Magic? Terrorism? Act of God? Could / would something simultaneously kill every mammal possessing a Y chromosome? Even unborn mammals in the womb? Well, according to Y: The Last Man, on July 17, 2002, that`s exactly what happened...with the exception of one male human being and one male Capuchin monkey.

Y: The Last Man chronicles the life of Yorick Brown and his pet monkey Ampersand as they are thrust into a female-only society. And society is in chaos. The realization that the planet is doomed without a reproducing, intelligent species is not lost on its inhabitants. Some accept their fate; some fight to find a way to reverse the annihilation; and some even denounce any fight to survive as opposition to God`s will.

Hence, to some, Yorick Brown is the ultimate opposition to God`s will....A sole human male survivor. So when Yorick teams up with a government agent and a genetic scientist on a journey across the country to get to a laboratory to find out `what makes him different`, or to try to discover if there`s a genetic `solution` to this disaster, you can bet the band of travelers run into some hostile forces.

7) Superman: Red Son


 Superman: Red Son is a  Elseworlds story created by author Mark Millar who created the comic with the premise "what if Superman had been raised in the Soviet Union?" It received critical acclaim and was nominated for the 2004 Eisner Award for best limited series.

The story mixes alternate versions of DC super-heroes with alternate-reality versions of real political figures such as Joseph Stalin and John F. Kennedy. The series spans approximately 1953-2001, save for a futuristic epilogue.

In Red Son, Superman`s rocket ship lands on a Ukrainian collective farm rather than in Kansas, an implied reason being a small time difference (a handful of hours) from the original timeline, meaning Earth`s rotation placed the Ukraine in the ship`s path instead of Kansas. Instead of fighting for "...truth, justice, and the American Way", Superman is described in Soviet radio broadcasts "...as the Champion of the common worker who fights a never-ending battle for Stalin, socialism, and the international expansion of the Warsaw Pact." His "secret identity" (i.e. the name his adoptive parents gave him) is a state secret.


8) Deadpool Classics Volume 1


He`s the Merc with a Mouth, the Assassin with Elan, the Wryest Wisecracker of the Weapon X Program, now in a collection of his earliest sagas! Deadpool, with sidekick Weasel in tow, sets out on a quest for romance, money, and mayhem - not necessarily in that order - only to learn he`s being hunted by an enemy he killed years before! As if that isn`t enough, the Juggernaut crashes into the action, and it`s the unstoppable vs. the un-shut-up-able! But all may not be lost if the sultry Siryn can inject a little sanity into the proceedings! Will Deadpool be steered toward a better life by his new heartthrob, or stay the chaotic course he`s set for himself? The answer is Yes! Guest-starring the New Mutants, Banshee, Sasquatch, and more! Collects New Mutant #98, Deadpool: The Circle Chase #1-4, Deadpool (1994) #1-4, and Deadpool (1997) #1

9) Superman Birthright


Superman`s origins have been imagined and reimagined over the years. Here is a new take on the character`s roots. Superman: Birthright retells the early chapters of Superman`s story, from escape as an infant from the doomed planet Krypton to arrival as reporter Clark Kent at the Daily Planet and his first public exploits. Writer Waid puts his own spin on the legend, rethinking nearly every aspect of the venerable character while remaining respectful of his established history. Waid wisely integrates ideas from the popular TV series smallville but doesn`t slavishly follow its innovations; for instance, a young Lex Luthor befriends Clark in high school, but unlike in the series, his sinister nature is clear even then. Waid similarly tweaks the rest of the well-known cast, from Lois Lane and Clark`s other Planet colleagues to Ma and Pa Kent. Ironically, though he updates the character, Waid evokes Superman`s pre-World War II incarnation, whom his Depression-reared creators kept engaged in righting society`s ills. Leinil Francis Yu`s stylized artwork is expressively dynamic to the point of caricature, but this larger-than-life visual approach befits the retelling of a myth.

10) Thor God Of Thunder : God Butcher


Throughout the ages, gods have been vanishing, their mortal worshippers left in chaos. NOW!, Thor follows a trail of blood that threatens to consume his past, present and future. The only hope for these ravaged worlds is for Thor to unravel the gruesome mystery of the God Butcher! In the distant past, Thor follows the bloody wake of murdered gods across the depths of space. In the present, the Thunder God discovers a forgotten cave that echoes with teh cries of tortured gods...and is shocked to find himself among them! And thousands of years from now, the last god-king of a ruined Asgard makes his final stand against the God Butcher`s beserker legions. As three Thors from three eras race to stop the God Butcher, the full extent of his vicious scheme takes terrifying shape!

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